Friday, April 23, 2010


always drama at work
i'm tired of it.
it never goes smoothly for any extent of time.
there is always something going wrong.

and i guess that is to be expected
i just think that the things going wrong would be easier to deal with, if i didn't have to work the truck, as well as being boss.

how am i supposed to be secretary, and run the truck, and be coordinator?
it's been bad enough running the truck, and being coordinator
and now i have to add secretary to that listing? at least for awhile?

i was not made to work constantly.
i am not one of these people who are addicted to work.
i want my time to do garden, and yard
and most of all, i'm sick and tired of having to disappoint someone else because of my stupid job controlling my life.

yes, i'm grumbling.


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